About Us

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VNR is a government registered 1-179953/853 institute under the government of Uttar Pradesh. The institute was established on 21st April 2016. We specialize in training Computer wisdom, Competitive exams, English language and public speaking courses. It is managed by a team of well-qualified and highly experienced teachers who have been training more than 7 years. The goal of VNR is providing the absolute knowledge in the field of computer technology, communication skill and government sectors jobs in the most affordable fee. We have trained over 1,500 students

Our mission statement is to provide a quality service that exceeds the expectation of our student. We teach a range of classes that starts with the very basic level student and extends to the very advanced student. We are very proud of the “VNR institute learning experience” with a 98% pass rate on certification classes.

VNR provides a perfect platform for the students, Job seekers, Business persons, domestic engineers etc. to show their hidden talent to come out with their wisdom and intellectual vigour. Many officers, teachers, company executives, managers, doctors, advocates, and housewives have done our courses.

For the young students, It gives an opportunity to exhibit their creativity through their innovative calibre and accomplish their goal as well as to inspire the present and future generation.

VNR has a specific goal to conduct state of the art IT primarily for poor and unemployed boys and girls for rural and urban areas to impart quality computer education in the field of information technology.